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I am a young woman continually striving to discover my true health and the lifestyle choices that best support me -- physically and mentally. I honestly believe that despite the crazy times we live in each of us has the ability to uncover our best selves. While on my path to understanding what my body and mind need to thrive, I have learned through self-discovery, research and schooling the foods and nutrition strategies that have transformed my life. If you, too, are looking to feel, look and be your best, I would love to guide you.

I know from personal experience how hard the world can be, especially for young women. Social media is so pervasive in our lives with the overriding message telling us all to be “perfect”. Admittedly, I was caught up in this race for perfection. Making matters more complicated was my battle with chronic lymes disease that I’ve been fighting since I was 14. Needless-to-say, my health and mental outlook was like a roller coaster, some highs and many lows. After moving to Los Angeles years ago at the age of 18, still coping with health issues and pursuing a high-stress lifestyle in the fashion industry, I was not well. My health and body were continually letting me down and, as a result, my mental and emotional states were all out of whack too.

My way of coping with this roller coaster ride began by working out and getting in shape. Through physical exercise I realized I was actually able to control one aspect of my life -- how my body looked. The more I watched my body change, the more my mind transformed. I wanted more; this fueled a desire to eat better and the more I became interested in the foods I ate, the more research and education about foods and diet began consuming nearly all of my free time. For me, the desire to align my body image with whole health has motivated me to not only heal but to thrive.

Looking back at those times when I was at my worst, when my body was in pain, when my hormones were whacked, and when I ate with almost constant guilt, I realize that what also happened to me is that I had lost myself.  I was trying to be somebody else; someone I didn’t even know. What I know now is that in order to sustain my health, live my own TRUTH, and realize my own identify, I need to maintain the habits and lifestyle choices right for me. And, the most important of these choices, are the foods I choose to eat that will enable me to be at peace with my daily diet decisions.  As my relationship with food became healthier, I began to see improvements in the appearance of my body becoming lean and toned like I never knew was possible. My skin and complexion finally started to change and so did all other aspects of my life. It was a ripple effect! I discovered my best body and for the first time in years, I actually began to FEEL good.

Maintaining this new found health drives me to keep learning, to keep striving and to help others who may be experiencing similar struggles to mine. To help coach others, I enrolled in an amazing nutrition program called IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, founded and supported by many of today’s leaders in the field of holistic nutrition and health. If you are on a journey to discovering your own true health and looking to discover your own best body, together, we can uncover the lifestyle choices and habits that will inspire, transform and empower your life!