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Fruit is too often the “misunderstood food.” Some people shy away from eating a lot of fruit because they were warned about its high sugar content. But when it comes to healthy, clean eating fruit is NOT the problem. In fact, fruit is one of the most important foods one could eat! Fruit gives the body what it needs - high water content, a LOT of minerals and fruit requires hardly any energy to digest.  

Humans have a long, ancient relationship with fruits and studies show that our early human ancestors depended on fruit as their main food source. A study by Dr. Alan Walker found that our early ancestors were not predominantly meat eaters, but rather fruit eaters:  

"Preliminary studies of fossil teeth have led to the startling suggestion that our early human ancestors (Australopithecus) were not predominantly meat-eaters or even eaters of seeds, shoots, leaves or grasses, nor were they omnivorous. Instead they appear to have subsisted chiefly on a diet of fruit.." - NY Times, May 1979.  How interesting!

Fruit passes through our system rapidly. It does not stay in the stomach for very long and actually digests as it is going through our system, releasing all of its goodness and energy as it flows through. This is one reason why it is best to eat fruit in the morning before consuming other foods. I personally do not not eat fruit after a meal or after the noon hour as I know how quickly fruit wants to pass through the system as opposed to other foods that require a longer time to digest and that remain in the stomach for much longer. 

Did you know that during the late night hours and into the morning your body is in an elimination state? This makes SO much sense to me. Do you notice most of us go to the bathroom in the morning when we wake? Fruit is the best thing you could eat during this time. Since it does not use much energy to digest nor does it remain long in the stomach to be digested it does not interfere with the elimination state. 

I LOVE fruit and I know SO many do too and I for one feel we should not fear fruit but instead we should embrace it, particularly in the morning. When I tell others they should eat fruit in the morning and eat as much as they want, I see the excitement! Everyone loves fruit. After all, fruit is a gift from the gods and we were MADE to eat it. 

Fruit in the morning hours (after a cup of warm lemon water, of course!) gives your body what it needs to thrive. I have been having fruit first for the last three years. It is my go-to breakfast and what I eat when I wake up. Fruit gives me so much energy in the morning and keeps me sharp and keeps my digestive system at its best. I urge you to give it a try and see if it works for you! 

While I have been having “fruit first” for several years now, I was ready to fully commit to consuming fruit throughout the entire morning. I know that fruit is the best thing one could eat throughout all the morning hours so I have recently been only have fruit until noon. Before I would do “fruit first” and then around 10am I would have a second breakfast - something along the lines of avocado toast or oatmeal. I now replaced that 10am breakfast with another bowl of fruit or a smoothie with a green and or cucumber and I have felt a shift! Now, I have that toast or what I would have typically had for a second breakfast around noon and have found this to be very helpful, especially because the noon “lunch” is always a tricky meal for me, especially when I am busy.   

Regardless of how long into the morning hours you want to extend the “fruit first” practice, try a bowl of fresh fruit as your first meal of the day and see if you too begin to feel a shift. Then go from there and discover what works best for you. If that is fruit first and then other foods starting at 9am or 10am -- fine, whatever alings. Health is a ripple effect and we all start somewhere so try starting your day with fruit and see what unfolds. You just may discover a golden shift! #fruitfirst bayybee!