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Kenzie Burke


It is so funny - I am pretty sure 90% of you noticed I was living in a new house before I even noticed I was in a new house! I didn’t really announce any sort of move on my instagram because it honestly just happened overnight and in one split second.  

I have had such a big summer. SO much growth has happened in so many different areas of my life. My business took off, I made new friends, I invested my money back into my business, I have started another venture (I can’t announce what that is yet but I am so excited for the day I can). I have had the highest of highs and with that have come some lows. All and all this summer was one I will remember forever and probably the most pronounced summer yet. All in the best ways possible. I worked SO hard to get where I got this summer. Blood, sweat and tears.

I have had a couple moments in my life where something just comes over me and tells me I HAVE to do something and right now. One of those moments was when I decided to quit all of my jobs pursing fashion and sign up for nutrition school at IIN. The other moment was earlier this summer when I knew I had to take any money I was making and reinvest it into my next venture. The final moment was when I had something come over me that said I HAVE to move and now. The second I had this moment come over me I found the most perfect house, the owner said I could have it (out of multiple applications) instantly. I think everything that is meant to be falls into place like so and I knew it was a sign. 

My life is crazy, it really is. Every day something changes, every week something changes. I wanted it this way. It is crazy because I make it crazy. I push for more, always. I will admit, I have felt like I was am a bit under water. With my new business venture (which takes at least 8 hours of my day and time), running my social media, managing a new team of people, managing the finances that go to this new project, PLUS being the soul creator of everything that goes into what I currently have and what is to come I have felt moments where I am not sure how to breath or what to even do. 

I NEEDED a nice kitchen. If I am going to tell you one thing about what is to come that is a mass amount of more recipes. I needed a kitchen where I could create them AND photograph them. I looked into options of just renting a kitchen and I was looking at an absurd amount of money for just one day of cooking and shooting. I felt like that sounded stressful, put a time stamp on the days I would create and took ALL of the fun out of what I like to do in the kitchen. I am great at creating and shooting recipes and that is truly something I ENJOY doing. I work from home. I take meetings all day long. I needed a space where I could do so. As I mentioned above, I have felt slightly underwater. I know I can handle everything that is in the now and all that is to come but I also know there are changes I need/needed to make. 

So, I went out and got a new house. It is in a prime location in Los Angeles. I can walk to get matcha in the morning and my entire life is within a five minute drive (I use to spend hours in the car in LA traffic). I have already saved SO much time and feel so much better. With so much on my plate and *trying* to create a routine around work I feel very good being in a space where I can do all of these things. 

I didn’t bring any of my old stuff. Nothing. I cleaned SO much out of my closet and brought with me only a handful of clothing. As I mentioned above, I did travel a lot this summer. There was something about staying in hotels (that were not full of everyday stuff that a home would gather) felt so light and refreshing. I decided I wanted to start fresh, make my space the space I want it to be in and ONLY have the things I actually need and use in my house. I just do not want clutter. I get it, I probably sound crazy and yes, this is probably my way of coping BUT I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to only have the things I use. I started to furnish this house using inspo from the 1 hotel. I am only buying pieces of furniture that I truly love. Decorating this home has been fulfilling my creative side. It has been really refreshing to create a space  that feels sharp, clean and inspires me. I can create.

I had a hard time with this transition as I truly had a great living situation before this. I lived with an amazing roommate who is my best friend. It wasn’t her, in fact, it broke my heart. But again, I just felt like it was something I needed to do. I have an opportunity to really grow in so many aspects of my life and I am going to give it my all. Everything I have in me. 

So many of you have shown such an interest in this and keep asking me to show the final product! My dining room chairs finally came, I *almost* completed the living room (only one piece of my couch came so I am waiting on that) and my bedroom is just waiting on bedside tables. I will share do an updated blog post on what my home looks like when I add these finishing touches. 

Until then, thank you for being apart of my journey!